Barry Equality Field Equation

      Welcome to My site ! I want to Thank each and everyone of you for visiting my site. This site is based on the Barry Equality Field Equation- Intelligent Design-God. I am republishing my science and technology works do to  being taken down on 03/26/2018. 

       The Barry Equality Field Equation is a Mathematical Equation and Theory based on Intelligent Design-God. Please note: after reviewing some videos and Intelligent Design Physicist (church officials) support Albert Einsteins Theory of Relativity,  The Barry Equality Field Equation does not because of the scientific based facts that cannot be refuted. In the book of Genesis it states, Earth was null and void no time or space God came and made the Earth meaning above time and space in this Universe.

        1). Sub-atomic particles were tested and confirmed in Italy that they exceeded the speed of light 186,000 mph.

        2). Sub-Atomic Particles take multiple Paths tunnels based on test confirmed in Austria.

       3). Energy is Dynamic and both Symmetrical and Assymmetrical taking into account Internal and External Energy. 

       4). The color spectrum displays different levels of heat thus supporting the concept of Energy being Dynamic.

      On this date 11/14/2018, I have balanced the Equation Barry Equality Field Equation showing mathematically the existence of a 2nd dimension and answers questions about sub-particles because of this finding it can now be said The Barry Equality Field Equation is valid.  The Equation is based on Intelligent Design -God. I give God the glory  and praise !  The Link is below. I have complete another work below. The work shows Mathematically why the Big Bang Theory is incorrect and that dimensional space is Asymmetirecal the work supports Issac News 2nd law of Thermo Dynamics and Irwin Schrodinger. This work is very complicated so be sure to have a open mind. I have removed all paypal buttons this site no longer qualifies for PCI/Compliance DSS good riddance. This site is now monitored in Canada for Quality assurance purposes

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      Effective 07/13/2019 I have added a Privacy Policy to this site also I am adding Barry Equality Field Equation youtube video channel site they are short not very long under one minute.

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